Ethiopian Coffees Rock!!!

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 Last week I mentioned we would be  receiving a new Ethiopian Sidamo  coffee. It arrived late Tuesday and  had barely gotten into the shop  before we were unloading it from the  pallet and preparing it for roasting.

 We just did a tasting of it and  WOW!!! So full of blueberry!!! And  smoothhhhh!!! Very very clean cup.

We sampled it next to the Dry Process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe which is also incredibly smooth but with so much going on! Hits one's tongue immediately and dances around all those taste buds.

Come on in and try them both. They both excel brewed as pour-overs so that would be my recommendation. 

The big news this week, aside from the stellar Ethiopian coffees, is that our coffees will soon be available through Stay tuned for more information.

New products scheduled to arrive next week, just in time for Father's Day:

  • Espro Travel Presses - French press on-the-go.
  • Espro Presses - double wall, brushed stainless steel. Keeps coffee hot for hours.
  • Espro P5 Stainless French Presses. Heavy duty glass that won't slip and nicer price-point.
  • Logo travel mugs


While the weather can't make up its mind if it wants to be 100º or 60º, it's perfect for drinking coffee. Tomorrow looks like another perfect day for coffee as well as the St. Johns Farmers Market. 

Stop by and get fueled and warmed before heading to the market.

Meanwhile, keep the coffee flowing.

Mount & Crew

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