Spring is in the air...

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This past week has certainly gotten me to thinking about Spring. Warmer temps and a few dry days even allowed for some motorcycle rides beyond just the usual commute. Always a good  thing!

 The shop has been busy this week. A lot of people have  been enjoying the new coffees from Rwanda and El  Salvador. Rightfully so, they're both stellar in their own  rights, both of which are medium roasts. The El Salvador  has a subtle fruitiness with a caramel sweetness and slight  chocolate aftertaste with a velvety texture. The Rwanda is  extremely smooth and syrupy sweet with notes of orange, vanilla and a touch of floral.

And, with the warmer weather, people have been sitting outside, basking in the sun while enjoying their favorite coffee beverage.

For those who didn't see my Facebook post earlier in the week, our friend and customer, Andrew Shroyer hung a new sign for us which he created. It's awesome! Check it out if you haven't yet seen it.

I have a question I would like to pose. Over the course of the past few months, there have been a few folks who have asked about our extending our operating hours into the evenings. I'm just curious if that's something that would appeal to folks? If you have thought/opinions/etc, please e-mail me.

While out completing deliveries, Greg has started spreading the word about St. Johns Coffee Roasters and it appears to be working. There are several prospective customers interested in our coffees. If any of you know of restaurants or cafes who you feel could improve their coffee offerings, we would very much appreciate any referrals.

I met with my web designer this past week and he will be updating our shopping cart with all the new coffees we have in stock so stay posted. That said, it's hard to believe but Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. 

We have a great selection of coffee related gift items, perfect for that special someone. Travel mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, coffee, Mexican pottery, etc. And of course, there's Bestow for all your floral needs.

And in March, another jazz concert at Classic Pianos.

Monday March 7th at 7:00 pm, George Fendel presents - Rebecca Kilgore, singing songs associated with Susannah McCorkle, featuring Randy Porter on piano with special guest, Marc Fendel on alto sax.

Classic Pianos is located at 3030 SE Milwaukie Ave, (corner of SE Powell Blvd and Milwaukie Ave.), next door to the Aladdin Theatre. Concerts are held in their recital hall which only has a capacity of 100 people, offering an unforgettable music experience.

Reservations are highly recommended. Call Peggie at 503.546.5622.

In the meantime, many thanks for your continued support and keep the coffee flowing. It looks like it's going to be a good weekend for consuming copius amounts of coffee. But then again, what weekend isn't???

Many thanks,

Mount & Crew

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Happy Labor Day!

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Happy September everyone.

Cooler temperatures, rain, and an overall autumnal feel have descended upon us. It feels like this is going to be one of those seasons with no transition time at all, going straight from summer-type weather to autumn. All those  add up to perfect coffee drinking weather.

 For those of you in the Portland, Oregon area, I have a great route to share with you if  you're interested in seeing some beautiful countryside. A friend and I took this route  on our motorcycles the other evening and it was quite spectacular.

 From Portland, take Hwy. 30 north to Scappoose.  On the northern most end of Scappoose, turn left  onto the Vernonia Hwy. Follow this for a number of  miles (I can't remember exactly how far). You'll  reach the intersection of Hwy. 47 which if you turn  right, will take you to Mist. Turn right toward Mist.

Proceed through Mist and eventually you'll see signs which if you take the      right will take you to Clatskanie or if you  bear to the left, will take you to Astoria.  Follow the road toward Astoria and  go several more miles. You'll then   reach  another intersection (Hwy 103)  which will take you to Elsie if you turn   left.

 Take that left toward Elsie and eventually, you'll reach Hwy. 26 for an easy  return to Portland. The whole ride will probably take no more than a couple  hours. I found the scenery to be absolutely beautiful and the light at this time of year is sensational.

This week, In addition to brewing inordinate quantities of coffee, we've been busy working on the final details of our upcoming grand opening/first-year anniversary celebration. I've discovered there's a reason I'm not an event planner.

We're hoping to pull off a very festive evening so please make plans to help us celebrate. Saturday, September 19th from 6-10 pm. There will be an assortment of food, beverages (adult and child), and live music. And all I will say is that there will be a minimal amount of coffee served. I'm hoping for great weather so we can spill out onto the sidewalks if necessary. Stay tuned for more details.

We'll be open all weekend as well as Monday (it is Labor Day after all.) So come see us, enjoy some hot or cold-brewed coffees and pastries and enjoy this amazing weather.

Many thanks as always and I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Mount & Crew

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What a week it's been!

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As many of you know, this past week has been pretty exciting here in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland.

Greenpeace activists held a protest against Shell Oil Company's repair of an ice breaker, headed to Alaska for assistance with off-shore oil drilling. The activists hung from the St. Johns Bridge in an attempt to block passage of the ship after having been repaired in dry dock.

The event brought many new people into the neighborhood, most of whom needed copious amounts of coffee. Our shop hosted journalists, activists, emergency personnel as well as sightseers. It was all pretty exciting.

Last Friday's reception for painter, Jeanne Levasseur was great. Many showed up to meet Jeanne and see her work first-hand. Jeanne brought in a selection of post cards of her various works which she left here and are available for only $3.50 each. A very affordable alternative to a full-size oil painting.

There's a new face at St. Johns Coffee Roasters who you will be seeing in the coming days. Her name is Katherine Johnson. She just began today and I believe will be a nice compliment to our existing staff and shop. However, she does present a bit of a problem in that we now have two "Katies". This morning I referred to them as "Katie #1 and Katie #2" but I know that can't last long.

We're doing all we can to help people stay cool and caffeinated with an assortment of cold-brewed coffees and iced teas. While I'm not crazy about the heat we're experiencing, the realization that tomorrow is August 1st is far more distressing, signaling the approach of Autumn. Don't get me wrong, Autumn is one of my favorite seasons but, it doesn't always lend itself to good motorcycling weather. Not that the world should revolve around me but...

Following is a link to an article from The New Yorker, shared with me by a friend.

While it deals specifically with wine, I believe a lot of the context transfers to the coffee industry as well. Sometimes when I read cupping notes or hear someone remark about their experience with various coffees, I think to myself, "Am I completely inept?" "Are my taste buds completely dead?" Or???

My point is that I believe many people are intimidated by the feeling they should be capable of detecting each nuance of a wine or coffee, and they should be looking for the most arcane characteristics. ie - mulled mint leaves infused with a hint of poblano pepper.

In my experience, each time I taste a particular coffee, or wine, I often notice something I had not detected previously. And it is all variable according to time and temperature. And, I think it can be much simpler than some would like to believe. I think it's fun to try and detect the various component flavors of a coffee or wine but the most critical factor is, "do you like it"?

A while back, I included a graphic of a wine tasting wheel. I'll include it again so you can do your own experiments and see what you think. Ok, I'm coming down off my soapbox.

We hope you'll stop by this weekend and select from over 20 varieties of organic and fair trade coffees or choose your favorite coffee beverage.

Meanwhile, many thanks for your continued support and we hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Mount & Crew

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